Wednesday, February 27

Bundle of Blood

Sony has announced a new "Deep Red" PSP with Kratos' menacing stare silk screened onto the back for the most brutal gaming experience you can imagine, but that's not all that the new PSP is including in it's deal, oh no.

The bundle is quite awesome indeed and will include God of War: Chains of Olympus, a UMD of the movie Superbad, and a voucher for a free download of Syphon Filter: Combat Ops from the Playstation Store.

How much will all of this run you? The low price of $199. A very satisfying deal if I do say so myself.

To be honest with you all, I wasn't too pleased with the look of the red PSP when I first saw it. Now however, I've looked it over and it's grown on me, any other color would have just detracted from Kratos' straight out awesome.


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Sp3ctr said...

Kewl. I want one now. Hey, my b-day is coming up Undra. Hopefully you'll think of the awesome gift I gave you...

Undrallio said...

Haha I'm wearing the awesome gift right now. Damn comfortable.

You're gonna have to try harder to get somethin like this from me though ;)

TheCro said...

Sweet...I also heard about MGS4 being bundled with the new Dualshock 3 and an 80gb PS3 for 499, but I'm not sure if it's going to be true because of the 80gb being discontinued.