Saturday, February 16

Format war over?

Yay the cold...err Format war is over, with Blu-ray victorious. NHK, a Japanese news site has reported that Toshiba is planning to drop support for HD DVD. This comes as a final blow against HD DVD, which was already losing the battle after Warner bros. went Blu-ray exclusive. Toshiba is said to continue selling HD DVD products, but will discontinue development of the format and close its DVD factories in Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan.

I only have one thing to say... FLAWLESS VICTORY, SONY WINS! Man, I'd love to see the wild office party Sony is throwing right now.

Too be honest, I'm not really surprised Blu-Ray had a big advantage all along. Millions of people already had a Blu-ray player in the form of a ps3 from the start, whereas with the 360 you had to buy an add on or just a new HD DVD player altogether.



Friday, February 15

Wii Exclusive: Deadly Creatures

THQ has announced a Wii-exclusive action thriller game where you take control of both a scorpion and a tarantula in a fight for survival...

Deadly Creatures is being developed by Rainbow Studios and will take advantage of the Wii's motion based control system to fully immerse the player in a world where everything is out to get you whether it be wasps, black widows, or the great beast known only as Man.

From the looks of the screen shots Deadly Creature will feature some of the best graphics on the Wii console to date, and hopefully will encourage third-party developers to finally produce some higher standard games.

I'm fairly interested in seeing where this one goes, how about the readers? Opinions or predictions anyone?



Thursday, February 14

TF2 Valentines Day cards

Need help showing your feelings this Valentines Day? Do you wish you could somehow display your feelings to someone using the characters from TF2? Well, look no further than Alexandria Neonakis's 5 TF2 themed Valentines Cards found here. The artist also has several other cards, including katamari damacy, if toon violence doesn't appeal to your special someone.


Wednesday, February 13

The Legend of Spyro: Darkest Hour

Who isn't excited for the third part of the Spyro trilogy to come out? I know I'm excited, though I haven't played the other two parts yet...I will! I swear! Well Spyro's back again, and he's going to be here soon...

The Legend of Spyro: Darkest Hour will be the third part of "The Legend of Spyro" trilogy that started with A New Beginning and the follow-up part The Eternal Night.

Spyro will be soaring into your home on the Ps3, Ps2, Wii, and DS at a starting price of 49.99 sometime in October (hopefully). Ten dollars cheaper than most new releases.

I'm sure ryizzel is just cringing in his panties right now, he's a known hater of everything and anything Spyro related, but we'll show him fellow Spyro fans, our purple, flame-breathing dragon knows best.




Tuesday, February 12

EA owns NFL license

This afternoon Electronic Arts confirmed they have extended their exclusive license with the NFL and the NFL Players Association until Feb 2013. The license makes it so only EA can make football games using the NFL brand.

I'm just glad I don't give a crap about Football, or sports games in general for that matter. Before the NFL sold it's soul to the devil, there were a bunch of Devs making Football games, but now the choices are limited to Madden games, college games, or some half-assed arcadey football game (I'm looking at you NFL street).

To be honest though... What the hell is so appealing about buying the same exact game every year? Correct me if I'm wrong, but from my understanding the only things that change from year to year are the rosters and a slight graphical upgrade. Why the hell does Madden sell millions each year?
Here is the press release-

Exclusive Agreements Renewed Through 2012 Season

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - February 12, 2008 - Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS) today announced an extension of its exclusive licensing relationships with the National Football League and NFL PLAYERS to develop, publish and distribute interactive football video games. These agreements - which were negotiated separately and are extensions of contracts originally signed in December 2004 - provide EA continued rights to NFL teams, stadiums and players for its critically-acclaimed and best-selling football videogames through the end of the 2012 season, which culminates in February 2013.

Both agreements include all aspects of the interactive experience, including console and handheld games as well as console-based online features. The agreements also provide EA access to both NFL Films and the NFL Network to enrich its game experiences. Financial terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

"This is all about bringing authenticity and realism to NFL videogames," said Eric Grubman, President of NFL Ventures. "EA SPORTS continually works to maintain the cutting edge for NFL products across a variety of gaming platforms. We like the fact that they never rest."

"This is great news and it means we can continue to produce the best interactive experience possible. It also allows NFL PLAYERS, the NFL and EA to continue to build our brands," said Gene Upshaw, Chairman of NFL PLAYERS and Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association. "We offer a very unique experience. "

"We are excited about the opportunity to extend and expand our relationships with the NFL and NFL PLAYERS," said Peter Moore, President of EA SPORTS™. "For nearly two decades, EA SPORTS has been bringing sports fans closer to the great game of football through the breakthrough interactive experiences of our videogames. Game quality is our top priority, and we're committed to pushing our gameplay innovation, connecting football fans via rich online experiences and delivering the most visually stunning sports games on the market."

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2008, EA's Madden NFL franchise has consistently been one of the videogame industry's best-selling and top-rated products, generating more than $2 billion in retail sales. Madden NFL 08 earned awards from the 2007 Game Critics Awards at the E3 Media and Business Summit, The SpikeTV Video Game Awards, and the GameSpot Readers Choice Awards last year. The game is available on the PLAYSTATION®3 and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment systems, Xbox 360™ and Xbox® videogame and entertainment systems from Microsoft, Nintendo DS™, Wii™, PC, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system, mobile handsets and Mac. EA also produces the arcade-football game NFL Tour which hit stores in January 2008, and NFL Head Coach, which was released in 2006. EA SPORTS recently hosted Madden Bowl XIV in Scottsdale, Ariz., as part of Super Bowl XLII festivities.

Both agreements grant exclusive rights for action simulation, arcade-style and manager games on the PC, handheld game devices and consoles.


Monday, February 11

Juno Game Just a Misunderstanding

Recently ryizzel wrote a post about a movie-game being based off of Juno, which wrought fear and disappointment in our hearts. Fret no more however, it was all a big mistake...

Apparently GameSpot took what Keith Boesky said wrong and jumped the gun on what could have been the worst movie-game ever to date. Excluding E.T. The Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600 of course.

"The reference to Juno was made when I analogized a low-budget, small game breaking out and being a hit to examples from the film business like Juno."

There is no hint at making a Juno game now, or hopefully ever, which is good news. *wipes sweat* Problem averted.




Hot Shots Golf 5 Coming to Ps3

The fifth game in the Hot Shots Golf series from Sony will be coming to the Ps3 March 18th of 2008 under the name Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds...

While not everyone loves golf games, and even fewer enjoy golf itself, many people find that Hot Shots Golf is just the game to let them sit down and have a blast using some crazy characters and humorous antics to make golf a more enjoyable sport.

Not to say that golf isn't a fun sport, it's just a tad slow for some. There's always the more realistic golfing alternatives with the Tiger Woods games, or you could go out on the green in real life, but who wants to leave the comforts of their own homes anyway?

To get back on topic, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds will bring back everything you loved about the series, with a tweaked 3-click swing system. It seems like the scheme is an attempt to make things feel more in tune and realistic by making you pace the back swing in real time, and having you judge distance yourself when putting.

As for online, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds will be feature the ability to hold up to 50 person tournaments. There's going to be a time limit for each players' turn at tee, so don't worry about those annoying afk'ers and overly calculating time wasters.




Sunday, February 10

Man Disappears after playing Call of Duty

Retired marine, Eric Hall has been missing for a week. According to his friends, Hall left shortly after playing Call of Duty. He was last seen leaving on his motorcycle, which was later found on a roadside, still running.The sheriff's office has stated that Hall had been suffering from hallucinations and flashbacks from his time spent in Iraq. While there, the left side of his body was injured by an exploding bomb while on patrol, and he witnessed his best friend decapitated.

While no one knows for sure whether or not CoD is the cause of his disappearance, lets not jump to conclusions about the game's involement in this case...kay?