Monday, February 11

Hot Shots Golf 5 Coming to Ps3

The fifth game in the Hot Shots Golf series from Sony will be coming to the Ps3 March 18th of 2008 under the name Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds...

While not everyone loves golf games, and even fewer enjoy golf itself, many people find that Hot Shots Golf is just the game to let them sit down and have a blast using some crazy characters and humorous antics to make golf a more enjoyable sport.

Not to say that golf isn't a fun sport, it's just a tad slow for some. There's always the more realistic golfing alternatives with the Tiger Woods games, or you could go out on the green in real life, but who wants to leave the comforts of their own homes anyway?

To get back on topic, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds will bring back everything you loved about the series, with a tweaked 3-click swing system. It seems like the scheme is an attempt to make things feel more in tune and realistic by making you pace the back swing in real time, and having you judge distance yourself when putting.

As for online, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds will be feature the ability to hold up to 50 person tournaments. There's going to be a time limit for each players' turn at tee, so don't worry about those annoying afk'ers and overly calculating time wasters.



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TheCro said...

Eh...I haven't played Hot shots golf since like the PSX days...I think I liked the Outlaw Golf series better.