Saturday, May 10

Debut Gears of War 2 Footage

Epic has unleashed some gameplay footage of Gears of War 2. Judging from what I've seen in the video, GoW 2 is going to be pretty intense.



Friday, May 9

Bioware Decides To Not Use SecuROM for PC Mass Effect

Yesterday gamers anticipating Mass Effect's PC port literally shat bricks when they learned Mass Effect would be using SecuROM's copy protection program.

Not only would gamers be limited to 3 installs per CD key, SecuROM would require "that it re-check with the server within ten days in order to revalidate the CD key."
In other words, if you installed ME on a PC that isn't able to connect to the internet, you would be screwed.

Fortunately, Bioware has had a change of heart, announcing today it will be dropping the 10 day periodic check in favor of a less overprotective anti piracy program.

The new system will only require you to authenticate the game once after installation and will also allow gamers to play the game without the DVD in the drive. However, EA still has the right to impose additional authorizations if warranted.




Wednesday, May 7

Define Big-ish

Psssssst, make sure you have a connection the internet next week guys, Lionhead has something "big-ish" planned involving Fable 2. The Lionhead dev blog writes,

"A lot is happening, if you are anxious to find out something new about Fable 2, I suggest you make sure you've got access to the internet, next week! Yes we are planning something (quite) big-ish."

What could they possibly have planned, online Co-op perhaps? I guess we'll have to wait till next week to find out, provided we all have an internet connection.



Tuesday, May 6

GTA IV is Now Most Played Game on XBL

Not coming as a surprise to anyone, GTA IV has usurped the the number one spot on the weekly Xbox Live Activity charts from longtime champ, Call of Duty 4. Following CoD4 was everyone's other favorite FPS, Halo 3, Guitar Hero 3 and Gears of War.



UK Sony Gamers Day

While addressing journalists today at Sony's Gamers Day event in the UK, David Reeves was quoted saying Killzone 2 will be out "February next year". Aside from a trailer(posted above) shown at the event, details about the game are fairly sparse.

However, many sites are reporting that there will be a playable version for the press at the U.S. Gamers Day next week.

In other news, the president of Insomnia Games, Ted Price spoke with journalists today about resistance 2.

Resistance will feature Eight-player co-op with it's own story, characters and rewards. There will also be online multiplayer that will support up to 60 people and will include the chimera. To promote teamwork and bring a sense of intimacy to the game, players will be divided into several squads. Working as a team will be rewarded with bonus points, which can be used to level up, get persistent rewards, etc.

[Update] Video seems to be down, looking for a replacement.



Flash Portal Made Real

We Create Stuff, the makers of Portal: The Flash Version have converted all 40 maps from their game into actual PC maps for Portal, which are supposed to add 3.5 hours of gameplay!

The maps can be downloaded over here, enjoy.



Monday, May 5

EA Responds to Activision's Criticisms

Recently Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has been making alot of remarks about EA, most notably claiming that EA sucks the soul out of the studios it acquires. While many gamers would agree with Kotick, EA seems to find his comments hilarious.

In an interview with N'Gai Croal on his Level Up blog, EA's Vice President of Corporate Communications had this to say in EA's defense:

The truth is, everyone laughed. In the past year EA has made radical changes to decentralize the company and put creative control back in the hands of development teams. It's too early to declare victory but if you talk to people like Patrick Soderlund at dice in Stockholm, Mark Jacobs at Mythic in Virginia or Josh Resnick at Pandemic--they'll probably tell you that it's working. They get a lot of resources and creative freedom. That freedom has already contributed new start-ups like Dead Space, Mirror's Edge and Boom Blox and there's a lot of others to be announced soon.

So EA has finally started to change their evil ways...internally atleast, but it will take more than that to assuage gamers fears of EA screwing up Take-Two's franchises once the inevitable takeover happens.




Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Undra here everyone, just popping in to wont be hearing from me for about a good week. I have to make a trip, and where I'm going wont have internet accessibilities for me. How primitive!

So I'm just alerting you all that ryizzel shall be taking over the most awesome gaming website that any of you have ever had the grace of landing upon in the intertubes. Good old B&W.

I'm going to try and be back on Sunday, but I'll make no promises.

Au revoir tout le monde.



Sunday, May 4

GTA IV Sales War

In this world, there are three things you can count on Taxes, Death, and that the most anticipated game of the year will boost the sales of your console.

According to Sony, PS3 sales have soared since Last Tuesday's release of Grand Theft Auto IV. No specific sales figures were released, which is where a problem begins to arise...

Not to be outdone by Sony, Microsoft boasts that "retail partners" are telling them the 360 version of GTA IV is outselling the PS3 version 2:1. Microsoft is also claiming a sudden surge in sales of the 360 due to GTA's launch.

As much as I appreciate Microsoft and Sony throwing vague facts in my face like some deranged fanboy in the comments section of youtube, I think I'll just wait for the NPD to tell me who outsold whom.




The Week's Game Releases (May)

Hey gamers, it's time again for the game release list of the week.

There really isn't much this week, but what do you expect after GTA IV was just released last week. The biggest game in my opinion, would be the Iron Man game on the PC. However there's also Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold Edition, I've always adored that series.

Ok, let's do this thing. Jump on into the article and see what there is to spend your precious gold pieces on.


Iron Man
Great War Nations: The Spartans
Supreme Commander Gold Edition

Baseball Mogul 2009

Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold Edition

Nintendo DS

Speed Racer
Crosswords DS
Toy Shop

Brain Voyage

Nintendo Wii

Speed Racer
The Dog Island

Boom Blox


SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1

R-Type Command

Playstation 3

Call of Duty 4: Game of the Year Edition

Playstation 2

SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1