Sunday, May 4

The Week's Game Releases (May)

Hey gamers, it's time again for the game release list of the week.

There really isn't much this week, but what do you expect after GTA IV was just released last week. The biggest game in my opinion, would be the Iron Man game on the PC. However there's also Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold Edition, I've always adored that series.

Ok, let's do this thing. Jump on into the article and see what there is to spend your precious gold pieces on.


Iron Man
Great War Nations: The Spartans
Supreme Commander Gold Edition

Baseball Mogul 2009

Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold Edition

Nintendo DS

Speed Racer
Crosswords DS
Toy Shop

Brain Voyage

Nintendo Wii

Speed Racer
The Dog Island

Boom Blox


SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1

R-Type Command

Playstation 3

Call of Duty 4: Game of the Year Edition

Playstation 2

SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1


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