Tuesday, May 6

UK Sony Gamers Day

While addressing journalists today at Sony's Gamers Day event in the UK, David Reeves was quoted saying Killzone 2 will be out "February next year". Aside from a trailer(posted above) shown at the event, details about the game are fairly sparse.

However, many sites are reporting that there will be a playable version for the press at the U.S. Gamers Day next week.

In other news, the president of Insomnia Games, Ted Price spoke with journalists today about resistance 2.

Resistance will feature Eight-player co-op with it's own story, characters and rewards. There will also be online multiplayer that will support up to 60 people and will include the chimera. To promote teamwork and bring a sense of intimacy to the game, players will be divided into several squads. Working as a team will be rewarded with bonus points, which can be used to level up, get persistent rewards, etc.

[Update] Video seems to be down, looking for a replacement.


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