Monday, February 11

Juno Game Just a Misunderstanding

Recently ryizzel wrote a post about a movie-game being based off of Juno, which wrought fear and disappointment in our hearts. Fret no more however, it was all a big mistake...

Apparently GameSpot took what Keith Boesky said wrong and jumped the gun on what could have been the worst movie-game ever to date. Excluding E.T. The Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600 of course.

"The reference to Juno was made when I analogized a low-budget, small game breaking out and being a hit to examples from the film business like Juno."

There is no hint at making a Juno game now, or hopefully ever, which is good news. *wipes sweat* Problem averted.



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Sp3ctr said...

Oh thank Gawd!

ryizzel said...

Pfsh Bad game? Whatchoo talkin bout willis?