Friday, February 15

Wii Exclusive: Deadly Creatures

THQ has announced a Wii-exclusive action thriller game where you take control of both a scorpion and a tarantula in a fight for survival...

Deadly Creatures is being developed by Rainbow Studios and will take advantage of the Wii's motion based control system to fully immerse the player in a world where everything is out to get you whether it be wasps, black widows, or the great beast known only as Man.

From the looks of the screen shots Deadly Creature will feature some of the best graphics on the Wii console to date, and hopefully will encourage third-party developers to finally produce some higher standard games.

I'm fairly interested in seeing where this one goes, how about the readers? Opinions or predictions anyone?


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Sp3ctr said...

THis does look and sound like a fun one. I'm exited to see how this one will turn out. I may have to buy it.