Thursday, May 15

Euro Nintendo Marketing Director Says Casual Gaming Doesn't Exist

When you hear the phrase, 'casual gamer' you probably associate it with the Wii and short, non-involving games for people who don't want to spend the time needed to invest in a role-playing game or platformer.

Well the senior marketing director of Europe Nintendo, Laurent Fischer, doesn't seem to think that. In fact, he claims that there is no such thing as a casual gamer, there are only people who play games and those whom don't.

"Someone who is fifty-years old who only plays Brain Training, but plays it like a core gamer is a core gamer," Fischer added.

"I don't like this word casual so much. Because people consider that casual needs to be something easy. If you're good at any game you can play at a high difficulty level.

"Take Tetris. There is incredible gameplay, it's very simple, very easy to understand, but it's also very different. I think a game can be a light enough to enjoy and for all gamers to become a core gamer on it."

Fischer concluded: "There is no casual gaming. There is just a different way to play."

He does bring something into light, the older generation who have recently gotten into the gaming world via "casual" games like Brain Training or Wii Sports are also gamers, just like you and I.

[source CVG]


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Sp3ctr said...

I like to think of myself as a secondary casual gamer. I like to play games, and play them whenever possible. I just don't have much time to do so. What is your take on this? You didn't really shed your opinion on this. I'm really curious to hear it.

Undrallio said...

I've always been one to drop the ominous 'casual' tagline on pretty much anything that seemed geared towards either kids or the older generation.

Though, I usually think of a casual gamer as someone who plays video games, but it's not their primary hobby. People who play flash games on the internet are a good example.