Friday, May 2

Pole Dancing Game Announced for the Wii

"You know what the world needs? Some sort of video game that simulates pole dancing, but a simple controller just won't suffice. We'll need to develop this truly revolutionary game on a console that employs the use of motion sensors..."

Thats exactly what I think went through the minds of the folks over at ( I swear this is real) Peekaboo Pole Dancing when they decided to make plans for a Pole Dancing game for the Wii.

When MTV Multiplayer Blog decided to inquire about the game they were given this response,

“Peekaboo will be all about fun and fitness for a new generation. Peekaboo wants to make the fitness benefits of aerobic pole dancing accessible to millions of Wii users. The goal is to encourage men and women of all shapes and sizes to improve their pole dancing skills while having fun, toning up and burning calories. Ultimately Peekaboo and AT New Media want to do for pole dancing what ‘Guitar Hero‘ did for rock n roll!”

Yea...its official, you can make a game out of anything for the wii, sad part is that this game will probably sell like hotcakes...sigh.


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Sp3ctr said... I gotta save up another $50 bucks or so. I'm really looking forward to the gameplay footage on this one.

Good post