Monday, September 8

Reggie Says Storage Solution Not Necessarily a HD

Since the end of the last console generation it has become increasingly obvious that Nintendo thinks its still 1985. Whether its by forcing us to trade 90 digit friend codes to play with each other, or limiting the memory on the Wii to microscopic levels to ensure we can't download everything on the virtual console, Nintendo knows just how to make us wonder "...are you mad at us?"

In the latest issue of the Latin American magazine, Club Nintendo Reggie Fils-Aime says this regarding Nintendo's solution to the Wii's puny HD, "We are working on a storage solution ... We have never said that it will be a hard drive nor have we mentioned how we will fix this issue, but we are going to deliver a better way to store the games."

Funny, I didn't know it was possible to resolve a storage problem without actually implementing HD.


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