Saturday, January 12

Four Zelda Games in Fourty Eight Hours

Everyone and their mother is watching this (about 700-800 people right now) and I don't know what it is about it, but it's really freaking interesting.

The idea is it's a few college friends, four I think, and they are playing through all four of the 3-D Zelda games in two days, 48 hours for those of you whom don't know basic conversions.

That means they're playing:

  1. Ocarina of time
  2. Majora's Mask
  3. Wind Waker
  4. Twilight Princess
The whole event started on Friday, January 11th at 5PM CST and it's set to end on Sunday, January 13th at 5 PM CST. So far they've already gotten through Ocarina of Time and are trekking through Majora's Mask.

They're taking donations for pizza, and anything extra goes towards charity. Last I heard was they had about 200 dollars set aside for charity earned, so if you've got some extra cash and time go check them out and give them some cash for their hard works.

I know I'm going to be checking in and out to see if they actually can accomplish their goal. So go check out their blog (which has the live feed embedded into the post) and waste your day before the whole event is over tomorrow.



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