Friday, January 11

Let's Start Off With A Bang

So for my first post on this brand spanking new blog I thought I'd refer to some interesting news from Insomniac Games.

If you haven't heard yet, Resistance Fall of Man 2 was announced! (rumored for Fall of '08) Not much is known yet, but it has been said that RFOM2 will feature 8 player co-op, for those of us whom actually have that many friends, family, cousins, neighbors, or homeless people hanging around often enough to play it, new vehicles, two campaigns, aaaaaaand 60 player online matches.

Sixty freaking players.

This is the whole reason why we set up the poll over there *points at sidebar* about it being the Halo Killer. From what I've heard so far there will be plenty of personalization going on with the online leader boards, even a -rumored- dedicated website to keeping track of scores, groups, and whatever else they can come up with over there at Insomniac.

If they manage to pull off enough dedicated servers for group matches that large, with low enough lag, and high enough replay ability/fun factor, we may finally have a First Person Shooter worthy of being Halo's competitor. This could force Bungie into having to come up with even more revolutionary tactics for the series. Because, come on let's be honest. Did anything really change between Halo 2 and Halo 3 besides some AI tweaks and a few weapons? Didn't think so.

So far there are only a couple of press screens from the game located here.

I'm crossing my fingers for this one, the first Resistance was great and I'm hoping for the second one to go above and beyond.


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