Tuesday, February 5

Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection

Konami has confirmed that a collection of the Metal Gear Solid series will be released as a build up for Metal Gear Solid 4 which will be coming out for the Ps3 in Q2 of the year.

Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection is to feature MGS1 for Ps1 and the Director Cuts of both MGS2 and MGS3. The whole she-bang will retail at 29.99, a delightfully cheap price for about 40-50 hours of gaming.

As of yet a release date hasn't been set, or at least not that I've heard of. However, Amazon.com has the set available for pre-order with a shipping date of March 18th, 2008.

The collection seems to be ideal for those who are interested in MGS4 but are new to the series. I wish I had heard about this one earlier though, I just picked up MGS2 after finding my old copy of MGS1, so all I have left to get is Snake Eater. Needless to say I'll be passing on this one.

Happy gaming everyone!



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