Monday, February 4

New Nintendo DS Lite Color, Cobalt/Black

Are you bored of the color of Nintendo DS that you own? Or are you looking to buy one, but none of the six other colors interest you? Well fret no more because Nintendo is bringing out yet another color scheme for the DS Lite, Cobalt/Black.

Really though, Nintendo sure knows how to make the DS print money (yeah, I recycled ryizzel's already recycled joke). Polar White, Coral Pink, Onyx, Crimson/Black, Gold/Metallic Rose. That is PLENTY of colors for anyone in my opinion. However, it's not my say if the consumers are going to bite, that's their problem.

Colors are nice if you're coming in for the first time, but for long time buyers who started with the original color set, that sort of sucks for them. At least it does if a new color that you absolutely must have comes out, you get to blow another hundred dollars on a DS that you really didn't need.

I digress though, Cobalt Blue (with the black bottom) should be hitting shelves at a store near you February 10th. Have fun collecting them all.


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Sp3ctr said...

I,myself, already have 2 DS', but what the hell. Why not bring on another color. Good post man

TheCro said...

DS aprinta da monies