Saturday, April 5

Sony's Closing Servers

Playstation 2 didn't have the greatest online play, but there was some good titles out there if you looked hard enough, but after June 30th the servers that are listed after the break are going to be kaput.

Of course it really isn't that big of a surprise, we're in the next-gen now, the past will be erased and forgotten. Wow, that's kind of depressing.

Full list after the jump.

PlayStation 2

* Amplitude
* Destruction Derby Arenas
* Everybody’s Golf
* EyeToy Chat
* F1 ‘04
* Jak X
* Lemmings PS2
* My Street
* Syphon Filter Omega Strain
* This is Football 2004
* This is Football 2005
* Twisted Metal: Black Online


* Lemmings
* World Tour Soccer 2


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TheCro said...

That sucks because I still play Syphon Filter online hahaha...

Undrallio said...

I was actually thinking about getting Amplitude myself, I wasn't even aware that had online though..

Sp3ctr said...

Thank god Battlefield 2: Modern Combat isn't on there. I'm just getting back into it. :P