Thursday, April 3

Tom Clancy's HAWX

Tom Clancy and Ubisoft have got a new dogfighting (aircraft) game on the way for the PC, 360, and Ps3, Tom Clancy's HAWX, and boy have I gotta looks B-E-A-utiful!

The game will feature over 50 jets, and revolves around a story set in the year 2012 where private military companies generally control most country's fighting actions. But who cares about that? We just wanna gun down some baddies.

More info and a video after the break.

HAWX features an Enhanced Reality System (ERS), which is meant to make even the average pilot feel like Iceman. ERS includes radars, incoming missile detection, an anti-crash system, damage control system, tactical map, information relay, weapons trajectory control and allows players to give commands to their AI squadron. With the Assistance Mode flipped on, the ERS will put pilots into a maximum safety mode. Think of it like having all the assists turned on in a racing game. You get more freedom and control with Assistance Mode off, but you will also be at greater risk without the full protection of the ERS.


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