Sunday, September 14

Awesome Things In Gaming, #1: Selection

This is a brand spanking new concept for B&W, and I'm proud to announce it.

In this section, Awesome Things In Gaming, once a week either ryizzel or I will try to do a post where we discuss an awesome thing in gaming. Whether it be a certain series, system, genre, occasion, get the point right?

Well let's get this show on the road! Hop over the break and we'll talk about the first Awesome Thing In Gaming .

Choices, there aren't too many hobbies out there that offer up a plethora of options like gaming does. There are literally thousands of games spanning over hundreds of systems; there is something for everyone.

You could load up a game on your Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii and play the latest platformer, shooter, role-playing game, or any other genre you can think of.

Or you could go down nostalgia road and throw in some old school carts. The Magnavox Odyssey for die-hards, Nintendo Entertainment System, even the Dreamcast is considered classic nowadays.

For me, gaming is my truest passion. I've played and own hundreds of games over a bunch of different systems. There are games that I haven't enjoyed so much, but then there are ones that have completely defined a certain periods of my life.

No matter what you're into there will be a game you can enjoy. Even crotchety old men and women (my mom and dad for instance) will find something to love. Game on people.


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