Sunday, September 14

Novastrike: Goes Down In Skill Level, Goes Up In Extras

Tiki Games, the Playstation Network game Novastrike's publishers, announced that a major update for Novastrike is now available.

The update lowers the difficulty of the game as well as adds Trophy support (16 of em in fact) and a few other goodies.

“At the start of June we released NOVASTRIKE and quickly discovered a lot of customers found the difficulty settings to be too challenging,” said Kevin McCann, president and creative director of Tiki Games. “Subsequently, the update really focuses on making the difficulty modes more accessible while also still retaining challenging modes for players that are very experienced with shooters.”

“Trophies became available while we working on the update so we included sixteen trophies for players to earn,” continued Kevin McCann. “We also included customizable controls, XMB music playlist support, and more. Supporting our customer-base is and always will be an extremely high priority for Tiki Games.”

NOVASTRIKE Update highlights include:
Reduced difficulty for RECRUIT, SOLDIER, and VETERAN modes. A new HARDCORE mode has also been introduced for shooter fans wanting a real challenge

-16 trophies to unlock – twelve bronze, and four silver

-Fully customizable controls

-XMB music playlist support

-Weapon info pane that details newly acquired weapons

-Multiple saved game support


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