Thursday, September 4

New Details Revealed about PS3 Headset

Yesterday the Playstation blog revealed some details about the new PS3 Bluetooth headset coming to stores this fall. The headset will be bundled with SOCOM: Confrontation and sold as a standalone peripheral at $50.

* "High-Quality" mode with use on PS3, offering noise cancellation and a better chat quality on the console.
* The quality of the headset will allegedly allow for more accurate commands of AI-controlled squad mates in Confrontation. There will also be "voice animation" where the player's avatar will "mimic" them during voice chat.
* There will be an in-game status indicator exclusive to the headset. It will display connection status, battery charge, speaker volume and mute status.
* Cradling the set back on the dock will turn it into a "desktop microphone" while charging.



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