Wednesday, September 3

September 5th, What's So Special?

The long rumored price-cut of Microsoft's Xbox 360 is what so gosh darned special about the 5th of September!

Everyone knew it was coming, and once the cut in Japan hit we all were just waiting for the officials to do their official stuff and put out that wonderful official announcement. Hit the jump to check out the prices and whatnot.

That's right, it's official (did ya get that yet?); but how big of a price drop is taking place? Good question, check out the stats:

Xbox 360 Arcade $199
Xbox 360 $299
Xbox 360 Elite $399

If you've been procrastinating a 360 due to price, or you really want some certain 360 exclusives *cough* Too Human, Mass Effect, Halo 3, etc *cough* those are some pretty sweet prices to pay for that.


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