Monday, January 14

Does Sony Really Know What They're Doing?

The past says no, the future shows quite possibly.

Right from the beginning Sony insisted upon the Blu-Ray format, which just last year was still being scoffed at as being an unnecessary luxury. Now it seems Blu-Ray is going to win the war of disc formats and proving that Sony was perfectly right.

Blu-Ray is definitely exhilaratingly interesting, but I'd like to focus on the line-up for '08. Microsoft surely has the best exclusive line-up, no question there; with Nintendo following closely behind. All the while Sony is dragging it's feet a few miles back, with only a few choice exclusives revealed so far. However, according to a recent article posted at Team ICO Gamers, Sony's got some stiff competition in store.

"Yesterday in a heated IM discussion about which of the three console makers is going to have the strongest line-up this year, a friend of mine who works at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan blurted out that Sony's internal studios have up their sleeves more than 20 yet-to-be-revealed projects for PlayStation 3."

20 unknown projects for Sony? No doubt they're exclusives as well. If this conversation runs true, all I can say is well played Sony, well played.



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Valzerix said...

Sweet. 20 unknown projects! Whoo! can't wait! haha i hope there some nifty good things or i will be angry! >=[ <---My Angry face!

Sp3ctr said...

This is good news for the Ps3. Sadly though, I don't own a Ps3...yet... For now I have to stick w/ mah Wii!!!