Tuesday, January 15

Am I The Only Sane One?

...What the fuck is wrong with the world today? Seriously, do people even check facts before they say shit anymore?

Sigh...I'll try to keep this Civil......

Today I came across an article that literally made me shake with anger. Yet another jackass is taking potshots at video games. Kevin Cullough, a conservative blogger, published an article on Sunday entitled "The 'Sex-Box' Race for President". To be frank, I don't think even Jack Thompson could come up with more bullshit.

Here, Lemme show you some of my favorite quotes.

" It's called "Mass Effect" and it allows its players - universally male no doubt - to engage in the most realistic sex acts ever conceived. One can custom design the shape, form, bodies, race, hair style, breast size of the images they wish to "engage" and then watch in crystal clear, LCD, 54 inch screen, HD clarity as the video game "persons" hump in every form, format, multiple, gender-oriented possibility they can think of."

You mean this?

...Yea....blue alien on human action...totally fucking realistic. You see more skin in a PG-13 fucking movie than in that scene.

" Starting with the disgusting idea that one can "create" their own versions of what people look like, removing warts, moles, and bald spots while enhancing - shall we say - the extended features of the game's characters tends to objectify women, sex, and human relationships. Right? We can all agree on this?"

Yep, I guess we should just outlaw plastic surgery while we are at it. huh? While we are at it, we should get rid of just about every form of media in existence, seeing how they all objectify women, sex and human relationships to some extent.

"And because of the digital chip age in which we live - "Mass Effect" can be customized to sodomize whatever, whoever, however, the game player wishes. "

"Customized to sodomize"? Damn thats catchy...*note to self- get that on a T-shirt*

In my opinion Mr. Cullough should just stick to his day job, which seems to be throwing bibles, bashing the Clintons and telling everyone liberals are satanic baby eaters.

/end rant

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druidnights said...

No... Let me assure you, you are NOT the only sane person. I read this same article and I was pretty much shaking by the time I reached the end. This game was rated "M" for a reason. It explicitly says that there are sexual themes.

"By it's design, kids could ask for it, or for their parents' Best Buy Card to go purchase it with nary a raised eye-brow. Generic, non-descriptive, and relatively harmless."

Again I say - This game is rated M - 17+ I say instead of reprimanding a company for putting out quality content, we start to EXPECT parents to take an active role in their parents lives.

Ugggghh... not only is bashing an entire INDUSTRY, but he's mixing in politics where they really have no place. This type of "censorship" should be done on a local level... the parents - NOT the Government.

*sigh* I'll stop there before I end up blowing a capillary. Great post man

Sp3ctr said...

I really agree w/ you and Druidnights on this one. Why does this Cullough (whatever it was) figure have to be attacking games. If you dont like it, don't play it. Exellent work Ryizzel.

Valzerix said...

Whoo! ya i mean come on there wasnt much even shown. its like ya its showing something..but its rated M its like 17+...COME ON! PEOPLE if your gonna biotch and moan about it..go cry to your moma because you saw somethign your virgin eyes shouldnt have.