Friday, January 18

Crysis Comes to the Ps3

All whom own a run-down, slowly chugging it's way to death PC rejoice! For Crysis is coming to the PS3! At least according to an "inside source" at Crytek it is.

It'll be just like Crysis for the PC, but with a few extra features. Not much is known now, except that it will NOT be coming to the 360, due to technical issues. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the technical issues are that the 360 is DVD dependent, while the Ps3 has gone Blu-Ray.



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Valzerix said...

Whoo! sony did something right! and everyone said that the blu-ray was a unnessasary item on the ps3...Hehehehehee xD Go Sony!

TheCro said...

Word to that brothers. Crysis sales were pretty bad because lots of people couldn't play it with maximum performance. If they put this on the Wii it would be like Lagg0saurus rex

Anonymous said...

the cryengine 2 supports ps3 n 360
but crysis wont see the light on consoles (if it didnt on pc)

crytek is recruiting people for ps3 releases (not 4 crysis)