Tuesday, March 11

360 Exclusive, Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Aksys Games announced today that Guilty Gear 2: Overture will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 and should be hitting by Fall '08.

What once was a one-on-one fighting game is now set to be a tactical action game where you have to worry about your team as a whole and utilize them to your best advantage, so as not to get your crap blown in.

Michael Mazanares, the Project Leader of Guilty Gears 2 had this to say, "Guilty Gear 2: Overture retains a lot of elements that the fighting games are known for, so it's cool to see how familiar moves like the Gun Flame make the transition to 3D, Except now though, you're facing off against an entire army instead of just one character. You'll lose badly if you think you're a one-man army, so you definitely have to remember that you have your own army to command."

The following features are what we know for sure so far, looks fairly promising if you ask me.

* Tactical Melee Action: Take part in battle alongside your servants and destroy your enemies
* More than 50 Servants at Your Disposal: Engage in dynamic battles by balancing resources and deploying troops to turn the tide of battle
* Dual Language: Experience the thrilling continuation of the Guilty Gear saga with fully voiced dialogue
* Multiplayer Deathmatch: Team battle or Free-for-all, test your mettle on Xbox Live with up to four players
* Refined Mechanics:Enjoy new items, skills, tweaks, and additional modes not seen in the original import



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