Sunday, March 9

Parent outaged by nude pictures on XBL!

Breaking news! Incompetent parent's children see nude pictures on "X-box" live!

Last Thursday, a woman only known as Jennifer, reported that her two children had been exposed to nude pictures while playing a game on "X-box" Live. As any good parent would, Jennifer immediately turned off the system and phoned "X-box" Live. Apparently the evil haven for sexual predators told her there was "nothing they could do about it."

Gasp, shock and awe, "X-box" I'm surprised at you! Anyone with half a brain knows you can block gamertags, report them for abuse and set up parental controls, which not only limit access online for children, but also prevent them from playing games with M ratings.

First off, since when can you send pictures via XBL? I know I haven't used the service in a while but, I'm not entirely sure that feature even exists. Secondly, I doubt Support actually told her there was "nothing they could do about it." Support most likely told her about all the actions she could take, but she just hung up, outraged by someone telling to get off her lazy ass and do some parenting.

How dare they!



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