Wednesday, March 12

Iron Chef For the DS and Wii

Do you like food but you're too lazy to get off the couch and make something? Do you also like video games? Well aside from you being a huge stereotype you're about to become incredibly happy with Destineer's announcement of an Iron Chef game coming solely to the Nintendo DS and Wii consoles.

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine will be developed by Black Lantern Studios and will be based off the famous television show Iron Chef. The game will also feature the host, Mark Dacascos' voice and looks, along with other talents yet to be announced.

"If the early buzz surrounding the game is any indication, then fans of the show and Nintendo owners are as excited as we are to be developing Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine," said Paul Rinde, CEO of Destineer. "With their innovative control dynamics, Wii and DS are the ideal system for the inaugural Iron Chef video game and believe the ultimate 'secret ingredient' to these games will be family fun."

Jean Sagendorph the Licensing Director of United Media adds in "Iron Chef America possesses all of the attributes for a successful video game: fast paced action, intense competition and a unique gamesmanship that is the hallmark of Kitchen Stadium. We are excited to partner with Destineer in a sure-fire recipe for success - Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine."

As the player you get to furiously cook the best dish in an attempt to defeat your challengers in this test of speed, skill, and ingenuity. I wonder if they'll include Wi-Fi compatibility for the DS version, and online for the Wii. I bet that this game would be great online, heck it'd even be fun with 2-player action.

Bragging about being a better cook than your mother would be a dream for us people whom lack that certain flair in the kitchen.


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