Saturday, March 29

Army of Two Demo?

I use a question mark in the possibility of an Army of Two demo coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace, even though EA announced it in a press release (which is after the jump), it was set for a date of April 1st.

April Fool's Day, I find myself being hesitant to believe anything I hear set on that day. It could just me being paranoid though, and if so, enjoy your demo people.

People all over the world have already joined the army of two…now is your chance to get in on the action.

On April 1st anyone who has not yet played ARMY OF TWO(tm) can team up to create the deadliest two-man military outfit a government can buy. In this free online demo, two people can play exciting co-op missions exclusively on Xbox LIVE(tm) Marketplace. In the demo, two players complete an intensive co-op training session before they are dropped into Somalia where they must work together to take out the local warlord.

Players engage in two-man tactics and boost their Aggro level to become the ultimate combat force that no enemy can withstand. ARMY OF TWO gameplay focuses on two-man missions, two-man strategies, two-man tactics and a two-man advantage to bring a new and groundbreaking gaming experience to players worldwide, online and offline. It captivates gamers with a politically charged storyline, centering on the impact and ethical issues of Private Military Corporations.


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