Sunday, March 23

Hoppy B&W Easter Everyone!

That's right, yet again it's Zombie Jesus Day and we must eat the delicious sugary Peeps and search for colorful eggs in celebration of our flesh-eating savior.

We love Easter at B&W, it actually gives us a reason to be lazy.

Anyways, we just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter, and hopefully a great gaming day. What are you all going to be playing?

Undrallio: I know I'm going to be switching between Virtua Quest on the Gamecube, Valkyrie Profile 2 on the Ps2, and Mario Galaxy for the Wii. Just ordered Folklore for the Ps3 today too, so my mind will mostly be thinking about that the whole time.

Hoppy Easter!

-Undrallio and Ryizzel

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Sp3ctr said...

What I will be doing today is prolly staying up until the wee hours of the morning on Madden 08 online. Just got my repaired Ps2 back. Cha Ching. :P. Happy Easter.