Sunday, March 23

Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition Details

As we rapidly approach Metal Gear Solid 4's June 12th release, details about the game's limited edition US version are revealed. Gamestop/Ebgames employee and NeoGAF forum member Kagari has been quoted:

"The limited edition will retail for $84.99 and include the following:

A Blu-ray containing
2 making of documentaries, and interview with Kojima
4 chapters of the graphic novel
Metal Gear Import Soundtrack CD

Reserves for the limited edition will also get an exlusive Metal Gear Solid 4 artbook at time of purchase."

That's a mighty hefty price tag for a fancy collectors tin and an hour of extra content. Sheesh, at least with Assassin's Creed they gave you a really rad figurine of the super neato Altair!


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Valzerix said...

Even though i was never a big fan of MGS. I think this one would be worth the pick up. or borrowing. xP

Valzerix said...

Even though i was never a MGS fan, i think this game will be worth the pick up or renting.