Thursday, April 17

Fallout 3 could be getting DLC

Following the pattern with previous RPGs produced by Bethesda, many are speculating that Fallout 3 will have DLC of some kind. While there has been no official word, Bethesda's marketing head Pete Hines had this to say about DLC:

"Given how successful it was for us on Oblivion, certainly it's a given that we'll look into it and what we'd like to do," he said in regards to extra content for the post-apocalyptic RPG. "But I can't tell you when, I can't tell you what it would be, or what it would look like. Will it be bigger stuff like Knights of the Nine or smaller stuff? We've no idea. We'll let folks know once we get down the road."

Kinda vague, but it seems Bethesda will be doing DLC. Lets just hope it won't turn into another horse armor fiasco.


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