Thursday, April 17

My Spidey Senses Are Tingling, Another Spider-Man Game Rises

Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows is coming to us from Shaba Games and Treyarch and is set to appear on the PS3, PS2, PSP, 360, DS, PC and the Nintendo Wii. What? No cell phone action? Lame!

The official website tells us this:

"New York City has been invaded and only Spider-Man can save it.

The fate of New York is in your hands...take control..Spider-Man: Web of Shadows gives you an unprecedented level of gameplay choice, including, for the first time, control over the game's direction and outcome. Choose how Spider-Man fights, which powers to upgrade, who in the Marvel Universe to fight with or against, and the fate of New York City itself.

Choose wisely."

Free-roam web-slinging AND a non-linear storyline? Sounds like it'll be one hell of a game if they don't kill the story like they did with Spiderman 3. What's that? You want to know more? Well there's a trailer after the jump you giddy little Spidey-head you.

So, since this game let's us choose who we fight and who we fight with...can I finally tag-team Spidey and Venom against Mary Jane? Even if she needs to be brought back from the dead, I'd love to kick the crap out of Zombie Jane.


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