Tuesday, April 15

What Does Halo Have To Do With Ninja Gaiden?

First of all, were you happy when you could download the Heroic Map Pack for Halo 3 for free? Would you be even happier if you could get the Legendary Map Pack for free as well? Guess what, you can. That is if you preorder Ninja Gaiden II through Circuit City.

On their website, the preorder page for Ninja Gaiden II to be precise, it says "Preorder today and receive the Halo 3 Legendary Map pack free! Code will be sent via email within a week!"

So if you were going to get Ninja Gaiden II, you might want to preorder from Circuit City and get the Legendary Map Pack for free. Remember, that's an 800 MS point value.

Check it out at Circuit City.


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