Sunday, January 27

4th job tier, Yay!

Nexon has added a 4th class to their 2d MMORPG, Maple Story. Only after completing the requirements of the player's 3 previous classes, can the player access the 4th job change. Along with the new class change, Nexon has released a town, Leafre. This area will be dedicated to high level players ( Level 100+ ). Within Leafre, players will find upgrades to the game's most powerful weapons, and some of MapleStory's most ferocious monsters. Another feature players can look forward to is riding mounts. Beasts ranging from Wilds Hogs to Red Dragons will be available to ride.

Though it seems Nexon is only catering to it's hardcore players, several updates have been planned for players of all levels.



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TheCro said...

I didn't know you liked this game........