Monday, January 28

Cold Hard Cash Drive

A crook who was selling illegal PSP SD Memory Sticks and mod chips had his house raided on Monday, January 14th by the police where they found his hidden stash, of cash.

After the seized consoles were handed over to ELSPA investigators began to remove casing from the consoles with the intention of checking for chips and tampered hard drives, but to their surprise they found clear bags containing £12,210 cash.

The original Xbox contained the largest sum, housing £5,925 where the hard drive is usually found. The three PlayStation 2 consoles contained £2,835, £2,025 and £1,425 respectively.
Now while I don't support active crime, I think that hiding your money in a console is pure genius. It also makes me wonder if I should go pop open my consoles that I've bought used, maybe I got lucky...



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