Tuesday, January 29

Wtf Sony?

Another rumor is floating around the internet, apparently Sony is planning on releasing another model of the Ps3 in America, the 120gig. This comes after the news of Sony discontinuing the 80 gig model and only supporting the 40 gig.

The 120 gig is rumored to come packaged with a DualShock 3 controller (Yay rumble!) and be priced at 499.99. Sony has yet to confirm this, though they have made a comment stating it had no plans to release the new model in the UK. Seems like the UK is always getting the shaft from Sony.

In my opinion, SCEA needs to pick a model and just stay with it. I'm beginning to lose count of all the different models.

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Valzerix said...

Yea, it is somewhat confusing having like billions of models coming out but think of what else sony could throw into the ps3. From what i heard it may be slimed (which i don't know how since of the Huge fan inside) and may be sliver. I think its pretty nice to have a newer model...but if they don't have backward compatability. That ='s :[