Sunday, January 20

In Soviet Russia, game kill you!

Tragedy strikes as the line between virtual reality and real life blur. A Lineage II clan named the Platinums has sustained a casualty in real life.

In Lineage II, the game emphasizes on clan warfare, so its easy to get caught up in the hype. However, when players Decide to go Aggro In real life, nothing good can come of it, as 33-year-old Albert found out. Albert is Survived by his Sister, Albina, A fellow member of the platinums, who is also recieving death threats from members of the Accused's guild.

Things like this happen When people start taking the events that occur on a virtual world seriously. I think that players of Lineage need to step back, relax and realize...Its just a game.No need to kill over it guys....kay?

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TheCro said...

Gwat is....Solviet mean?

ryizzel said...

...yea thats what I get for writing without my nap...