Thursday, January 24


For those of you who don't already know, there is a MMORPG currently undergoing beta testing named Mythos. Mythos is dungeon crawler heavily influenced by Diablo.

The game is developed by Flagship Studios, the current developer of Hellgate:London. Originally intended for testing the networking technology for Hellgate, Mythos has evolved an independent game with a separate release.

The Setting of Mythos

The world of Uld is an ancient one, but the current civilized Kingdoms are young. Recorded history only reaches back one hundred and fifty years. Prior to that is darkness; an epoch-long war between the Kingdoms, which are devoted to order and prosperity, and the chaotic forces of Discordia.

Now, since the war has ebbed, there is only a hazy, lingering memory from that age of darkness. The conflict lasted for generations and it scoured all written chronicles from the memory of Uld. Some few tales survive, passed down mouth-to-ear from those days of bedlam, but truly reliable accounts have been forever lost in the mists of mythology.

There are several major cities where the Kingdoms of Elves, Gremlins and Humans congregate. Here, commoners find protection and community while entrepreneurs find opportunity and fortune. These cities thrive in a cautious but optimistic age, in the aftermath of a great war that nearly wiped out everything. Although almost nothing survived intact from the Time of Darkness, there is now a palpable sense that it is time for a new age of renewal.

Beyond the precarious walls of these nascent cities, however, great brutality rampages unchecked. The pockets of civilization are only tiny grains compared to the endless, corrupt wilderness. These barbaric domains are overrun with the races of Discordia, and they feed off of the spoils of fallen nations. They are a mongrel assortment of hopping, skittering, slavering fiends that befoul the forests and haunt the limitless ruins of Uld.

But out in this dangerous wilderness lies great opportunity. For the ambitious adventurer, there is limitless treasure hidden in the depths of ancient lost dungeons. There are caches of precious metals, rare gemstones, arcane tokens and magical artifacts of great power. Some say that there are even relics of the Old Gods out there, beckoning for a hero to awaken their power.

City-dwellers have a huge appetite for the spoils of the ancient world. There is much to be learned from even the lowliest trinket - and the most elite and epic items are so powerful that they could even turn the tide of the war, and restore the world of Uld.

If any of you want to check out the game, I have 4 invites left. Just email me if you want one.



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