Saturday, January 26

Kudo Tsunoda Heads Gears of War Project

Kudo Tsunoda of Electronic Arts is cutting loose his ties to EA and moving over to Microsoft to lead for the next upcoming Gears of War title.

One staffer that won't be needing the assistance of EA's HR department is the studio's former general manager, long-time Electronic Arts exec Kudo Tsunoda. The gregarious GM has taken up a post within the Xbox division at Microsoft, a Microsoft staffer confirmed today.

The move reunites Tsunoda with his former EA Vancouver colleague Don Mattrick, who was hired last year and who now runs the Xbox business under Entertainment and Devices division boss Robbie Bach.

It was at EA's Vancouver studio that Tsunoda cut his teeth on fighting games (working first on Fight Night 2004). Tsunoda then moved to Chicago from Vancouver to take the reins of EA's new Chicago studio--a renamed NuFX, an independent that had worked closely with EA on the commercially successful fighting game.

Good luck to you Kudo, and other EA members, if you get fired look to Microsoft. They like your kind.



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