Wednesday, January 23

Devil May Cry 4 Demo Coming Straight From Hell

Congratulations Xbox Live and Playstation Network users, the Devil May Cry 4 demo is finally going to be up for download on Thursday, January 24th...

The demo introduces gamers to the gothic-inspired supernatural world of Devil May Cry 4, new protagonist Nero and the awesome power of his Devil Bringer. The demo consists of a sampling of sections from the full game, chosen to showcase Devil May Cry 4’s varied locales and allows gamers to familiarize themselves with Nero’s unique abilities. Players will receive instruction on the various new actions that the Devil Bringer bestows, such as the ability to slam creatures to the ground, cover great distances in a single bound or even grab enemies while on the ground or in the air and pull them towards Nero to continue the attack combo. The Exceed system allows Nero to “rev up” his sword as if it were a motorbike throttle and unleash devastating attacks. Players will need to master all these techniques before the end of demo showdown with the mighty Berial.

Sounds like it'll be fun, thought I'm not sure how fans of the Devil May Cry series will feel about an all new white haired main character. If Nero ends up being a knock-off of Dante, I know that I'll be upset about that.

Also if you're wondering what the mysterious Berial boss looks like, check out his picture over here. He looks like a centaur mixed with Ifrit and dipped in a cauldron of fire. Oh, and a beard to rival the members from ZZ Top.



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