Tuesday, February 19

Microsoft Gets RRoD

Looks like its pointless for Microsoft to try and downplay the 16% failure rating on the 360 any longer, especially when a system from it's own stock gets a hardware failure. Today at GDC,(Game Developer Conference) a BBC reporter discovered one of the systems at Microsoft's booth was experiencing the RRoD. Seems like Microsoft can't even take care of it's own products.

From the looks of it, that 360 is encased in a plastic box with little or no ventilation, which may have caused the hardware failure. Then again, every other console is encased in a plastic box or bubble of some sort, and they haven't malfunctioned.

As someone who just recently suffered from a RRoD I must say, this is the funniest news I've ever heard. One can only imagine how embarrassed the top execs over at M$ are feeling about this. I wonder if this will make M$ to finally fix the damn problem.


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Sp3ctr said...

Hopefully...espically since I'm considering buying a "SexBox 360"