Tuesday, February 19

WiiKami, Okami Finally Gets Some Gameplay Footage

The trippy action-adventure game Okami is being brought to the Wii on March 24th, and today the first videos with some gameplay footage have been released...

Okami was a great, fun, innovative game for the Ps2 but sadly the sales were quite less than extravagant. Capcom and Ready At Dawn Studios however didn't seem to take that disappointing factor to heart, they're re-creating it for the Wii and hopefully the gameplay will take flight with the usage of the motion-sensor Wiimote.

The trailers seem fairly promising, even if it does end up being a straight port with revamped controls, it should be better than the Ps2 version. At least I feel it will be.


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Sp3ctr said...

Woohoo. Another game to look foward to for the Wii. :D

P.S. I do believe this came out for the GC as well as the PS2.

Undrallio said...

Sorry man, Okami was Ps2 only. I even double checked just to be sure.