Saturday, February 23

GoW Chainsaw Dueling Rumor

Remember when Gears of War first came out? People praised it for it's beautiful visuals and fun gameplay. I only cared for one thing however, killing every enemy I encountered with my chainsaw bayonet. The Lancer Assault Rifle has to be the coolest weapon in gaming history. The only problem was that it was bit unbalanced (like Halo's energy sword) in online matches. This problem may be fixed in the upcoming sequel, according to a Variety blogger who claims to have spoken with two people who are close to the development team at Epic.

I was talking to two people last night who are close enough to the development team at Epic to know and they confirmed for me that this will be a mechanic in the game: When somebody tries to chainsaw you, there will be a way to push back with your own chainsaw gun and potentially fend them off or, possibly, end up chopping them into a bloody pile of flesh chunks.

If this is true, I hope it doesnt turn into some shitty button mashing minigame.


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