Wednesday, April 9

Battlefield: Bad Company guns are free

If you've been on the internet this past week, you've probably heard the collective bitching gamers have been doing over EA charging people to buy guns in their latest Battlefield game. Hearing their cries, DICE senior producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson sat down with IGN and announced that none of the guns for Battlefield: Bad Company will be exclusive to anyone.

No, there's no charge for any of the guns in the game. All of the guns in the game can be achieved without purchasing them. All guns are available to everyone. However, we want to give some exclusivity to those who buy the Gold Edition. They will get the five Gold Edition weapons from Day One when they put the disc in. People that don't buy the Gold Edition can get the five additional weapons by getting to the final rank in the game. There will be a golden, shiny five-weapon unlock when they hit level 25 in the game.

As for the weapons the participants in beta saw posted on Xbox Box Live, gamers will be able to acquire those via "marketing programs" ran by EA. The reason they were posted on XBL was due to "big bug in the Beta, an internal miscommunication" about the gold weapons.

There ya have it guys, if someone or something on the internet bothers you, whine, bitch, moan and complain. Eventually, the combined bitching of you and the billions of inhabitants of the internet will be enough to change anything!


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