Monday, April 7

PC World Analyzes Sony's Vice President's Claims

Matt Peckham over at PC World wrote up a pretty interesting article titled, "Sony Says Microsoft 'Has Already Leveraged All Their Big Assets'", and the goal of the post was to get all nice and analytical on Sony's Vice President, Scott Steinberg.

You can head over to the original article by clicking here, or you can hit the jump and see all of the "claims" without all of that silly description and overbearing sentence structure.

Claim #1: The Blu-ray format's recent victory has lent the PS3 enormous momentum. True? Probably. Relevance? Very.

Claim #2: The PS3 has "entertainment leverage" as a media hub, e.g. for "music and movies" playback. True? Not really. Relevance? Not very.

Claim #3: Sony has a back-library of PS1 and PS2 games it can release for download. True? Absolutely. Relevance? Prove it.

Claim #4: Sony's 2008 IP lineup is going to result in "a monster year" for the PS3. True: Looking more and more likely. Relevance? Huge.

The end result of the whole article? Looks like yet again it's another Sony Vs. Microsoft standstill.

That's good though, it makes for interesting posts when leaders of the industry let a few derogatory statements slip. Not to mention they have to grind out great content to counter each other.


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