Thursday, April 10

Lair To Be Slightly Less Sucky Come April 17th

Everyone remembers when Lair was on it's way, sounded like an awesome game to most of us. Piloting a dragon using the Sixaxis motion control and eating little dudes while you breathe fire and wreak havoc. The idea was awesome coated in a light sauce of genius. Unfortunately the game hit the dirt hard and never came back up, the controls were terrible, graphics par, music was pretty good, but the overall experience was very disappointing.

That may get changed though, and very soon!

Factor Fail, *cough* sorry, Factor FIVE has announced that a much needed update will be coming to Lair on April 17th. The update, should of course make it less suckish, probably not unsucky, but not so much sucking should be going on while you play. Hit the jump to see why the update will, in theory, de-suckify Lair. I promise no more suck jokes.

Suckers! Alright, now that I've sucked myself dry (there I go again..), the new update for Lair is actually going to be action-packed with goodies.

  • Analog control will be enabled, meaning no more horrid Sixaxis
  • Two new dragons for you to munch humans with.
  • Dualshock 3 support, so you can feel every chomp, tail swing, and devastating roar.
  • Finally, some new cool little themes that will show on the main menu and change randomly.

    Will it fix Lair? Probably not. Will it make it much, much better for people who already have it? Hopefully; Lair owners are certainly praying their balls (or feminine parts) off on this one.


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