Friday, April 11

Week's End Sum-Up

Now is the time for our new segment here at B&W where we recap the week's most newsworthy posts and talk a little about what we're gaming our way through this week. Yeah, yeah, I probably stole this idea from like every gaming news blog out there, but who cares! It's a good, fun idea dammit.

This week was crazy in news, at least it was on Monday. After that it was all a slow trickle of imporant news. Which is why we spent even longer than usual on making our posts super awesome. Check out the highlights of the week riiiight after this sentence.

  • Thanks to the internet and their wonderful boycotting skills, Bad Company Beta's guns are in fact free.
  • After 27 years in print, Games For Windows magazine is now an e-zine.
  • HD DVD suckers could get $50s in credit.
  • GamePro got owned by GameSetWatch
  • Bioshock 2 may, or may not be coming to the Ps3 as well.

    So what games are you guys playing this weekend? I'm going to try and beat Folklore, or at least Keats' side of the story. Then I'll work a little more on Super Mario Galaxy, that crazy Mario is always getting into so much trouble...

    Tell us your thoughts on the week, games, or yell at us if we angered you somehow. But who could be angry at a face like ours?


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    ryizzel said...

    I'll be cursing developers of Lost Oddessey for making such an addictive game, and Gamestop.....for selling Lost Oddessey with a scratched disc 2.... goddamnit...