Saturday, March 22

Call of Duty 4 Map Pack coming April 3rd

Not to be outdone by Halo 3's Legendary Map Pack, CoD4 will be getting a Map Pack of it's own entitled ‘Variety Map Pack’, which includes 4 maps, Kill Creek, Broadcast, Chinatown and Killhouse. The map pack hits XBL April 3rd for the meager fee of 800 Microsoft points.

Coincidentally, April 3rd happens to be the same day that CoD4's ‘Game of the Year edition’ is released in stores. The GoTY edition contains new box art and a coupon to download the maps for free.

Gamestop is also hosting a party on March 28th in San Jose and New York City to showcase the new maps. Present at the parties will be members of Infinity Ward, who will gladly sign your shirt, or just teabag your virtual corpse after knifing you to death.


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