Monday, March 17

An External Link To A Rant

Yesterday ryizzel did a rant about all of the DBZ money-milking games out there, to which an anonymous reader gave him a lecture about which I will proudly post here after the break.

Dragon Ball Z is probably the world's most prominent and popular anime franchise. Nearly every gaming system of the past 15 years has in some way felt the sheer force that the name brings with it in sales. While I can't speak for the quality of this particular title, several of the previous ones have been very innovative and immensely fun as far as fighting games go. I mean, if you're gonna take this point of view, then why aren't you ragging on Namco for putting out so many Tekkens on the PS2, or Nintendo for making so many Mario games. They do it because:
1. The names alone can move nearly any product, third party or otherwise.
2. Because those are the games people want to play.
Heaven forbid any company wanting to make money on a successful franchise. It's a shame you won't get to find out what this title is like, because you've already made up your mind about it without even playing it. And truly a nice job on that blanket statement against anime fans as well. Truly "Black" and "White" journalism there, pal.

Very well said Anonymous man. I see you mentioned the Mario games and other such characters, well how convenient for now Calin Ciabai of Softpedia has published a rant referring to that exact topic! Go read the rant and lecture him too good Anon.

It's here.

Note, we do not discriminate against games here at B&W, our distaste for the DBZ fighting games is the fact that it's getting more and more corny by bringing in characters like Janemba and Pikkon (is he even in one of the games?), we LOVED DBZ, and both ryizzel and I are anime addicts. If Tekken, DOA, and Virtua Fighter didn't have such high standards for their games we would definitely bitch about them too.

Also this was an easy way to introduce that rant which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.


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