Sunday, March 16

A Series That Must Die.

Today I went to the mall to pick up a copy of Condemned 2: Bloodshot (they were out....I should have pre-ordered) and I saw something that filled me with disgust. The latest game based on the anime series, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

What the hell man, this is like the 7th game I've seen for the franchise on the Ps2. It's basically the same as the first game in the series, except with shiny new cell shaded graphics and dumbed down gameplay so that the basement dwelling, rabid anime fanboys that actually buy every piece of shit Funimation queefs out can understand how to pull off a Hadoken...ahem Kamehameha.

Granted, they do include new characters with each game, but guess what? They are all shitty secondary characters from the anime that only appeared for 3 episodes, tops. I wish I could just take DBZ out back and put it out of it's misery, no franchise deserves this.

sigh.../end rant


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Anonymous said...

Dragon Ball Z is probably the world's most prominent and popular anime franchise. Nearly every gaming system of the past 15 years has in some way felt the sheer force that the name brings with it in sales. While I can't speak for the quality of this particular title, several of the previous ones have been very innovative and immensely fun as far as fighting games go. I mean, if you're gonna take this point of view, then why aren't you ragging on Namco for putting out so many Tekkens on the PS2, or Nintendo for making so many Mario games. They do it because:
1. The names alone can move nearly any product, third party or otherwise.
2. Because those are the games people want to play.
Heaven forbid any company wanting to make money on a successful franchise. It's a shame you won't get to find out what this title is like, because you've already made up your mind about it without even playing it. And truly a nice job on that blanket statement against anime fans as well. Truly "Black" and "White" journalism there, pal.

Undrallio said...

Ryizzel is an out of the closet anime fan....

ryizzel said...

Originally I was going to write more about other franchises but, I got lazy and published the post as is.

I've played all the DBZ games including
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
I personally have not found anything "Innovative" about the series since Tenkaichi 1. But yea...thats My opinion.

Its ok for developers to want to make money on franchises, they just need to know when to let it fucking die.
And no, its not okay to shovel out the same shit every year, with minimal additional content and call it new.

And FYI, I love anime.

TheCro said...

If any series needs to die, it's either Mario or Zelda. I'ma get a lot of hate for that I know, but it's been the same shit for like 20 years.